Download Car Driving Games

Download car driving games

Traffic Racer Game

Traffic Racer Game

Ready to Accelerate

Traffic Racer is the car driving game having a lot of fun with soaring up treacherous mountains and down the busy highways. For testing your driving skills, there are a bunch of cars and many challenging tracks you can use, and for sure Traffic Racer will hopefully satisfy your need.

No Boundaries For Driving

Traffic Racer is entirely depending on your mood because there are many modes. If you want some adventure type you can select to race around mountains in uphill climbs, 4x4 vehicles are ready for this, and off Corse, they are mighty but remember one thing that needs a lot of practice. If you repeatedly play: you will never feel bur because the gameplay is so enjoyable. If you think you are on edge the,n try to live life dangerously and think about a cop chase! This game mode, speed up your car and try to escape from cops on a busy highway. Add some more excitement in the gameplay. Apply the turbo engine boost to give you an extra kick. As you try to escape from police cars blaring behind you, you must be in a hurry. As bonus added, sceneries you drive past are now realistic.

Coins Collection for Car

Moving with full speed is incredibly enjoying. Watch the gold coins that scattered on the road! Gathering coins will determine the number of points that you managed. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going, drive your car through coins to collect them. Beat your score for satisfying yourself in Traffic Racer game.

Features of the Game

  •  Easy controls
  •  Challenging racing tracks
  •  The simple mechanism of the game
  •  Bonus levels included

No Brakes

You will never feel bur playing Traffic Racer game; the game contains different cars, tracks, and standards. Responsive and very easy to learn and remember all the controls. Traffic Racer is a fast-paced & action-packed racing task. Download now for enjoyment.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Driving with Distance

Hill Climb Racing is the puzzle, physics arcade and a combination of distance game.

Be Careful about Gas

Hill Climb Racing is the game to drive safely and keep the car from flipping over and killing the driver: and to push the car as far as possible. In this car, they set a depleting gas gauge you can use them to move and break. You can flip the car very quickly, that will depend on the terrain. Requirements of the environment are to traverse over big hills.

Coins Collection

Hill Climb Racing is the game to collect the coins as possible through each gameplay and upgrade your car. Try not to get defeated by physics and try to drive as far as possible. Hill Climb Racing is the most challenging and addictive game; there are many more vehicles to use with different handling.

Hill Climb Racing game animated very smoothly and their graphics are so simple. Sometime may you feel bur but the game is not a slowdown, and it works the gameplay experience fun. 

Presentation of Hill Climb Racing

We know you are not impressed by the graphics. Hill Climb Racing Game has addictive gameplay and decent enough to offer fun for some more time. Never expect such a deep game ever.
You like to burn time then we are offering Hill Climb Racing Game for you.

The feature of the Game

  •  Using the mechanism of physics
  •  Outstanding gameplay

Best for old cell phones

Hill Climb Racing shows just how aged it is, as by releasing the more active devices in the market. The game still using the better physics engine and could use entire graphics. Hill Climb Racing is the more decent game to play to adjust the tank fuel.

Download now the best game to drive the car.

Real City Car Driver

Real City Car Driver

Passed the City with Fast Car

Real City Car Driver is the game of car driving, and the developers are the Scn Studios, that will give an opportunity to take a tour of your city using the vehicles of your choice. Real City Car Driving has a very realistic environment and sceneries. You can scroll your character around the area, that’s why this is better.

Exploration of the Real City

Car driving game does not give only the opportunity to live behind the wheels, but also the RPG elements to explore the city freely. On a highway, you can select any of the cars and can drive. In this game, there are a bunch of vehicles to inspire not only the usual expensive racing cars. Try a police car, even ride on the bike or drive a school bus you can enjoy driving these sorts of free vehicles. If you like stunts, there is also a track for the stunts driver. Where the driver can jumps, do twists, speed up and turns quickly.

Graphics & Gameplay of Car Driver

In the gaming world there are no such weather updates to switch from, so, unfortunately, the gamers can just enjoy the sunshine. The perfect thing when you were looking for a car simulator game without worrying about elements affecting your gameplay. Don’t mind the weather hazards also the pedestrians are unaffected if you happen to drive through them. The walker is unharmed, but other vehicles are still prone to bumps and crashes, so be careful about that. Unfortunately, if it happened no need to worry you can change your car and also you can recover from it because that doesn’t cause such severe damage.
In the beginning, you must take some time to master, but a time will come you will be able to get used to them, this will be like a piece of cake for you to drive around. It also depends on you to change the perspective and angle of the camera according to your mood.

Enjoyable Game

Real City Car Driver is having suitable gameplay that everybody can play so easily and comfortably. It also too good for those who want to kill the boring time when they are waiting for someone. There are no complications; the player will feel relax while playing the game. The environment of the game is beautiful the player wants to drive again and again in that relaxation mode.
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What Happens When You Let Someone Else Drive Your Car?

If you permit someone else to pressure your car and they get in an accident, your coverage company would probably be answerable for paying the declare, relying on what coverages you have got in your coverage. The claim could go to your insurance document and will affect your vehicle coverage quotes inside the future.

How Do You Drive a Car for the First Time?

First Experience Behind the Wheel: 6 Vital Things to Remember When Driving for the First Time
  1. Adjust the vehicle so that you are comfortable.
  2. Do not overthink the situation.
  3. Calm your nerves.
  4. Rid yourself of distractions.
  5. Stay on familiar roads the first time you drive.
  6. Stay away from interstates and major highways.

How Can I Relax When Driving?

Take a few deep breaths each time you sense street rage or tension and tension building whilst you are driving. Take as many breaths as you want to calm yourself and sense at ease.
Release tension in your body.
  • Shrug your shoulders up and down to relax them.
  • Relax your jaw and forehead.

How Can I Learn to Drive Fast?

  1. Give yourself a head start. It pays to know the basics before your first lesson.
  2. Choose the right transmission.
  3. Block book your lessons.
  4. Shop around for an instructor.
  5. Listen to your instructor.
  6. Buy your own car to practice in.
  7. Study the theory from the start.
  8. Learn from your mistakes.

Is the Fear of Driving Common?

Although it lacks a professional call, the fear of driving is relatively commonplace and can be mild or extreme. Some people fear simplest precise driving situations, which includes using in storms or on freeways, even as others are terrified of virtually sitting at the back of the wheel.

How Do You Beat Driving Anxiety?

Control your emotions: You want so that it will control your feelings when you get worrying. Learn to calm down when you experience you've got gripped the wheel too tough or is shaking. Brush off risky mind with nice affirmations. Pay interest to all symptoms of your anxiety and handle them till you are comfortable.