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Download Free Shooting Games

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter

Description of Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is a free fun buster game. It belongs to the old-age Bobble-style arcade game.

Bubble Shooter:

Bubble Shooter game is always moving with the same ideology! Hit the two same color bubble which is touching each other and burst them. Bubble shooter game has categorized into two modes: Arcade & Puzzle. Clear the static bubbles for moving into the next level in Puzzle mode, while in Arcade you have to clear all the descending bubbles.
300 different levels of Bubble shooter game will keep you always busy. For more joy Bubble Shooter introduce some individual bubbles like fire, bombs, glass, and stone.
Bubble Shooter is one of the addictive game in the World. The reason is his cuteness, colors and beautiful soundtracks of the game. Get it now!
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Requirements for the game

Operation System: Windows, Mac & Android

Commando Sniper Shooter 3D

Commando Sniper Shooter 3D

The aim of the Commando Sniper Shooter 3D

The primary goal of this game is to save villagers life and protect them from terrorists and an opportunity to polish your shooting skills.

Developer of Sniper Shooter 3D

Commando Sniper Shooter 3D has developed by lingo games.

Addictive games always played in a realistic environment. Here is the situation the terrorist attacks on your village, all the villagers are scared and feel helpless. There is a chance to prove yourself as a professional assassin. Using sniper shoot and eliminate all the terrorists one by one this but be careful you must not be seen, terrorist and villagers look same make sure you are shooting a terrorist, not a villager.

Stealth is also the primary key for sniper shooter in a game. At the beginning of the game, terrorist doesn’t know about their enemy, when you start shooting their heads and take them down, then you have to select the best strategic area and avoid being seen. If you want to score high and kill points, start to aim for their heads and shoot them before they disappear. A headshot will save enough time and bullets.

Controls for the Sniper

You can walk with your sniper so quickly because of the responsive and easy controls of the game. When you want to view the game from a different angle, use the command on the right side of your screen, while left joystick will help you in moving and changing directions. When you want to view things from sniper scope, you are allowed to zoom in or zoom out. It is very beneficial when you were trying to take a bright and long-distance shot. Use advance sniper kit for most successful headshots.

3D Graphics

3D graphics make a game more realistic and joyful. 3D graphics explore the fun in the game. Everybody like 3D graphics but here is also a cartoonish taste too. The designer of the game belongs to old-school, but it cannot affect the gameplay. The satisfaction part is when you took a headshot, and you see your opponent’s blood splatter like rain from their head.

Commando Sniper Shooter 3d is addictive game ever. Excellent 3d graphics and experience with different types of firing guns make the game more entertaining. By eliminating terrorists using sniper will give you the feel like a real assassin. So download it free now the Commando Sniper Shooter 3D.

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Able Astronaut

Able Astronaut

Key Points for Able Astronaut

This game is always free. No need to worry about time limitation here is no Time Limits.

Description of the game

As Able Astronaut, you have to save the universe which is under attack by the aliens. Destroy their spaceships in the game. The developer of Able Astronaut game is from a little old-school so do your best to rid over the enemy’s shuttles lightning fast. Able Astronaut is a game of focus because spaceships are continuously moving. When you near to finish the level, you will face the powerful boss at the end of each level of the game.
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Hurry up! Download it now and play for free.

Features of Able Astronaut

  • Attractive sound play
  • Affordable navigation
  • Old school gameplay
  • Dark & clear theme

Requirements for the game

  • Os: windows 7/XP & Vista
  • RAM: 512 Mb
  • Processor if more than 1 GHz is better
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what is in the game of Bubble Shooter?

  • Bouncing Balls.
  • Love Tester.
  • Bubble Shooter Classic.
  • Mahjong Fun.
  • Bricks Breaking.
  • Smarty Bubbles.
  • Bubble Shooter 3.
  • Bubble Struggle 2.

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